The Battle Cats Cheats

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The Battle Cats Cheats

A couple of tips for beginners:

-- DO NOT click on the black sun-like point in the background. That is God Feline. (IF you have actually acquired it) When you initially click him, he provides you a cost-free power-up, so save it when you need it (specifically 3-48). If you have actually already clicked on him, I recommend you get rid of the application cache (for Android) or multi-task close the game( for iphone) if you have not gotten really much in the game.

-- Do not unlock/upgrade all the felines you enter the start. You just need to upgrade Axe Feline as often times as you can previously getting to stage 1-7 (Japan). If you require to, replay a few of the previous phases to farm some XP.

-- The first 6 phases need to be simple. Produce Cats, Wall Surface Cats, and Axe Cats when you have the $ as well as upgrade worker feline (bottom left hand edge) when you're waiting on the cooldowns.

-- As soon as you beat phase 7, you will be able to currently get daily incentives. Some occasions might be on, such as complimentary feline food or uncommon feline ticket( s). You can retrieve these tickets at the unusual feline capsule or usage cat food to spin the pill for a pet cat. If you do rotate and get a pet cat, do NOT upgrade it. These cats have a tendency to lose great deals of XP, just upgrade them if they can add to the fight (solid against reds, freezes drifting, etc.).

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Stage 1-7 (Japan) Method Here is your very first employer fight: Hippoe! He (she?) is tanky and also does a lots of damages. To defeat him (her?), attempt to do this: -- Stall the adversaries. You desire your Pet cat Jobs (lower left corner) to be at degree 8 so play defensively. Produce sufficient regular and storage tank pet cats to keep the adversary devices from reaching your base, yet not so many as to get to the enemy base. When your cat jobs is at degree 8, start producing as many gross felines (along with routine and storage tank). By the time you get to the opponent base, you ought to have a pile of gross cats as well as have the ability to beat Hippoe with family member convenience. If you lose, attempt farming some more XP from previous degrees to update Axe Cat. Phase 1-48 (Moon) Strategy Below is the first official employer: The Face! This moment, he will certainly show up at the beginning of the stage, however will relocate actually slowly so don't stress. In this stage (and also almost all succeeding Battle Cat phases), Dragon Cat (if you have not progressed Reptile Cat currently, do it!) will certainly be your hero. His long array will certainly harm and also outrange in charge. Additionally, it is suggested that you obtain 100% prizes in the following: Power Beverage, Cat Production, Legendary Pet Cat Guard, and also Legendary Feline sword. How to beat this phase: -- Begin by generating macho/wall felines to slow down the enemy systems while leveling up Feline Jobs to a decent degree (does not require to be lvl 8). Generate as numerous dragon pet cats and sexy legs cats (prioritize dragon) as you can, as well as brave/whale cats whenever there are red opponents. Keep up the stream of macho/wall felines to safeguard your lengthy array cats. At some point, your felines will certainly reach The Face, however he needs to only be able to kill the macho/wall cats functioning as a meatshield while the dragons/sexy leg pet cats securely bash away at his HP. As soon as you defeated him, spam all your readily available felines to destroy the base as well as complete chapter 1! Now, the SoL chapters and chapter 2 need to be available. Phase 2 Congrats! You beat Chapter 1 and also now get on Phase 2! On this chapter, it will cost even more pet cat power to play missions, enemies are more powerful, and felines will certainly cost more to generate! However, the gameplay is the same as the Phase 1, so you will certainly require to dominate the globe again and find prizes. Any kind of Aficionados you unlock in this phase will certainly pile with the Buffs from Chapter 1, so you will still require to obtain as several treasures as feasible. Grind your means through to the last- the moon. Make certain you have as numerous treasures as feasible, as they will certainly make your life simpler. Customer Ranking is also opened in this chapter.